The Popularity Of Pokemon

At its heart Pokemon is a computer game, but one could be pardoned for not knowing that because Pokemon really is a cultural phenomenon. For the rest of us not involved in the Pokemon world, one could easily assume that is an animation movie and television series that has spawned off dozens of merchandising goods like Pokemon plush toys (stuffed toys), Pokemon Tomy figures, and the very popular trading card game. Pokemon Pearl ROM The latest craze in the Pokemon merchandising world is the so-called Pokemon Black and White products. Anything that is Pokemon Black and White is desirable at the moment and can at times fetch a high price on the Pokemon goods market. The latest movie is also based on the Pokemon Black and White storyline.

Looking at this, one would think that scriptwriters are the ones inventing the trends and developments in the ongoing Pokemon saga, but actually it’s the game upgrades that determine the direction of all the other media. In fact, if one watches a Pokemon video closely, one realizes quickly that the script is just a way to flesh out the storyline and premise of the computer game. It is the game presented in animation.

It seems odd that a game like Pokemon, which after all is not all that different from a game like Dragon Ball or even Mario in some respects, would spawn such enormous popularity in terms of video and toys. Dragon Ball admittedly does have a similar following, but most of its merchandising has been confined to Japan whereas Pokemon has very decidedly gone worldwide, with devoted fans of all ages (a surprising number of gamers and collectors in their 20’s). So what is different about Pokemon and what accounts for its success?

It’s certainly not the game itself. In its first conception, there wasn’t much to distinguish the Pokemon game from other games at the time, though it always was a popular and solid selection. Even today, with all its bells and whistles, the Pokemon game really does not stand up above all the rest except in terms of popularity. The only conclusion to make is that it is its premise that makes it so fun. The mutated animals, with endless variations and engaged in battle is both medieval and futuristic at the same time. The Pokemon world is a world without time- it is contemporary, ancient, and future. Had Pokemon been grotesque monsters, it never would have achieved the popularity it has. But by constant generations of new attractive animals with exotic looks and surprising capabilities, Pokemon has struck a deep place in the youthful imagination. And that is what keeps Pokemon popular.