Strategic Planning and Technology for Apparel and Textile Mfg – Developing a Competitive Advantage

People love wearing different kind of clothes. Different colors, patterns, designs draw their attraction and sometimes they are purchased even when there is no actual need. Changing weather is one of the major reasons that people try out different clothing. New season evokes new mood and there are clothes for every mood.

There are specific apparels for different sections JACQUARD FABRIC of people like kids, teenagers, youth and the old people. Similarly you will find separate apparels according to the profession of the fellow concerned. A sportsperson, a lawyer, a company executive, a professor, grocery seller, an ice-cream vendor or a pizza delivery boy all wear distinctly different apparels.

Apparels can be made of variety of materials and fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, terry cotton, polyester, leather to name a few. People have their specifications and choices in stuff and design of the apparels.

Keeping the requirement of so many sections of people, a manufacturer comprehensively thinks, plans and makes strategy to produce the desired range of apparels. Apparels are one such commodity that is used by whole mankind. That is why wholesale business of apparels has always been in practice. There are millions of textile mills and industries around the world and several hundred millions of people are associated with these establishments. Wholesale business of apparels is a lucrative one and it is only growing. Big chains of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers works together to cater to the apparels’ demand of the consumers.