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If you’ve been browsing through books that offer fabulous pick-up lines or have been practicing on your friends or (God forbid) the dog, you are setting yourself up for a disappointing return on your time investment. After all, women seriously dislike the use of prepackaged pick-up lines. In fact, you should ditch the pick-up line altogether. Pick-up lines are a leftover from the seventies when guys were all kinds of thrown off by the women’s lib movement. Come on out of the dark and learn to talk to a woman in a more effective and meaningful way that sets you up for much better results.

Women are turned on by a guy who knows how to junk pickup sacramento make her feel valued, attractive, and altogether feminine and real. There is truly enough of every day junk for women to weed through. They aren’t interested in picking through more when they go out. Pick-up lines are just that. Women do respond better to genuine interest, a guy that will listen, be interested, and of course interesting. When you approach a woman with a pre-packaged pick-up line, it sounds about as rehearsed as it did when you were practicing with the dog. Letting a woman know right off the bat that you can’t be genuine is a really good way to turn her off completely.

Of course, any time you can make a woman laugh, you have scored a few points. Women absolutely find laughter one of the most sexy and enjoyable aspects of meeting someone new. But don’t try too hard. Women also tend to know when your goal is to make them laugh, and see through lame attempts to be cute and jokes that fall flat. When women smile, a real genuine smile, you are on the right track. When women look at you with sarcasm in their eyes, or look bored and tired, you better give them something real because they are about to lose interest.

It should be noted that not all women are going to respond in the way that it seems like they should. Women carry things, and often we have to make up for the mistakes of others before we get a chance to come inside. Leave the pick-up line book behind, expect a good reception, and just ease into conversation on neutral ground. Once she seems even mildly interested, letting her know how attractive she is and how you could value her presence is a perfect way to ask her to open the door.

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