OnePlus Nord the Affordable smartphone With A90 Alzol LCD

If you’ve been looking for a new smartphone that has the high tech experience of an Android device along with the reliability and performance of a smartphone with a large screen, the device you are probably looking at is the OnePlus Nordic. This smartphone from OxygenOS is one that is aimed squarely at people who are on the go. While it doesn’t have many features that are truly ground breaking, it does have plenty of nice features that you’ll likely find useful. If you’d like to buy the phone online in your country, you are able to. Find out how.

First the good news: the OxygenOS oneplus nord comes packed in everything a busy person could ever need in a mid-table smartphone. It comes with Windows, Android, and even Gmail (for some people) – though it lacks crucial software that would be really useful, like Android Kit Kat or Sense. It also comes with a free version of the Google play store, which is pretty cool if you are one who isn’t fond of buying things on the Android Market. The best part is that the phone is unlocked so anyone outside of the United Kingdom will be able to use it.

The bad news is that the phone is only available in some parts of the world. The places where you can buy the OnePlus Nordic are in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, and Hong Kong. If you are in any of these countries, you won’t be able to grab one while you’re online. You will be able to get the device after you have bought it online from a retailer that is based in your country. If you’re still curious about where to buy the smartphone, read on.

The good news is that the manufacturer of the OxygenOS smartphone offers a discount of about 50 percent off the price if you buy online. This is an attractive offer considering that the phone is still one of the most popular ones on the market. The next time you see one of the flagship smartphones being sold for a mere $400, you might want to snatch it up.

Apart from being available online, the OnePlus Nord is also offered at a discount on some offline stores. You should check out the list of offline stores that are selling the smartphone to make sure that you’re going to be getting your hands on one before you pay for it. While most devices are sold out in many places, there are still a handful of stores that are having the device in stock. If you want to go in for the latest flagship Nokia E71 or the brilliant HTC Desire HD with a 90hz amoled screen, you should definitely check out the store nearest to you.

For those looking forward to a busy period for downloading apps, the OnePlus Nord is not the best one in the market. The device is still missing a few apps like Google Maps and Facebook, which are used by a lot of people. However, the company is working on adding more such apps, which will make the app worth more money in due course of time. Apart from this, there is no other reason to doubt the popularity of the smartphone. It is up for sale at a very competitive price point and is predicted to be a huge hit in the ongoing holidays. The smartphone is also coming up with a black and white version, which is going to be sold at a slightly higher price point.