A better customer experience

Most importantly, an iPaaS improves your customers’ experience, enabling your business to grow freely and quickly. It’s the critical core that keeps every part of your business connected.

How does an iPaaS work?

An iPaaS provider is like the plumber you hire to fit a new bathroom. You can try and install it yourself, but things would get pretty messy. So you pick out the bathroom units, the lighting, the flooring, and you hand it over to a professional. Their job is to put your bathroom together, hook it up to iPaaS Vendors  the rest of your plumbing and make everything run smoothly.

Your iPaaS works in a similar way. You could set up your own integrations, but it takes time you don’t have and resources you can’t afford to spare. Enter the integration experts.

The Patchworks team take the separate elements of your business and connect them to an integration platform, using pre-built connectors and business blueprints to establish a flow of data. We also show you how to use your new iPaaS and continue managing your connections to ensure everything’s running smoothly. Then, if any technical issues occur down the line, you can simply call the team. No stressed-out developers or phone calls to IT necessary.

The secret to rapid growth

Ready to unlock the power of an iPaaS? Get in touch today to learn more about how the Patchworks platform can solve your integration problems & transform your business.